Emma Isaacs.  Creative Coach

Meet Your Coaches

Charlotte Balbier

After founding and building a 7-figure bridal brand, Charlotte has transitioned into mentoring to fulfil her purpose in life; to empower and support women in taking the actions needed to achieve unlimited prosperity, happiness, and success.  

Josie May

Over the past 4 years, Josie has coached and mentored over 200 female entrepreneurs to build and scale their business.  She is a 6 figure Coach and expert in money mindset with a passion for spiritual alignment and brave action taking.


Before starting the More Sales, More Money programme with Charlotte and Josie, I really felt like my confidence was lacking, I was scared to ask for the sale (incase they said no) and I felt like every time I didn't get the sale I'd done something wrong and felt really knocked back. 


Since taking the programme things are so much better! Better engagement with my brides through social channels. I've put more detailed processes & systems in place to follow leads through the customer journey. I've had some amazing sales results since I've re-opened my boutique. I feel SO much more confident, after being away from the boutique and selling for so long I was feeling quite daunted by getting back in to it all. I don't feel afraid to ask and to follow up now and I'm working on keeping high-vibe for even when I don't sell so that it doesn't affect my whole day like it used to. 


My mindset is probably the biggest impact of all. My confidence has increased massively. I believe in myself and what I'm doing and feel good about referring to myself as an expert. I'm able to move on much better now and trust that letting go of a customer means opening up a space for someone new who is going to buy from me.  


I love learning and developing and even though Josie & Charlotte have pushed me outside of my comfort zone it also feels easy with them. Taking small steps & big leaps and knowing that I have two amazing cheerleaders right behind me. There's a great mix of learning, listening & actually doing and it's great to be able to see in real life what I'm learning is working and turning in to more leads and sales.



I was at a cross roads in my business on what I needed to do to up my game and just couldn’t shift my mindset on my own. That’s why I joined the More Money, More Sales course with Charlotte and Josie.

I have gained so much from this course I have confidently put my prices up throughout my collection. I have signed over 12 new boutiques in the last 10 weeks and have had the biggest sales week since my business launched 4 years ago.


Since starting the programme, I am more confident and aware that my previous negative thoughts about the business are not actually real. I am now ready to really scale the business and look really positive towards the future.


My biggest win is breaking the barriers down on social media and putting my face to my brand. I would have never done this in a million years. I now actually like to do Lives on Instagram and the response to them is incredible.


I love the positive mindset that Charlotte and Josie bring and a wealth of knowledge on how to increase sales in a business. It’s been a fantastic group of ladies to work with and I have really enjoyed our weekly Wednesday nights.